A Mole Hill Into A Mountain


Last weekend I decided to go on an adventure. It was sunny out and I didn’t have a care in the world, so my friend and I decided to go. It’d been so long since the beautiful rays of sun hit my face. I strapped on my Bean Boots from L.L. Bean (aka my Adventure Boots) and started off. My destination would be a “mountain” I’d heard my friends rave about for years. As we were driving down the dusty roads I noticed that everything around me was…well…flat. Winston, my British gps, notified me that I had in fact arrived at my destination. I again looked around. There was a house on one side of me and a semi-forested rock formation by a river on the other side. I got out of the car and couldn’t believe what I saw.

This “mountain” was merely a steep hilly rock formation that was a quarter of a football field wide and didn’t look tall at all. I grumbled to myself how we’d driven all this way for nothing. Quite the attitude for a self proclaimed aspiring adventurer, huh? But with the promptings of my friend and a little tough love, “Would you want to fall off of it? No? Then it’s not little”, I started up the….hill.

At first it wasn’t difficult at all, as the trail had been worn by many others. But as we ascended higher and higher, the rocks became a little more steep, and my attitude became a little more humble with every step. After the final push up the rocks I stood on the top of the hill and looked around me for miles and miles. It was pure beauty. Out in the middle of nowhere was something truly spectacular.

Sitting on the hill which I now lovingly call my little mountain, I reflected on the short journey I just took. I had assumed that just because something didn’t look as impressive as I thought it should, it didn’t matter. My mind became set in stone (get it, stone!? I digress). But what I found out, was that even if things disappoint you or you don’t feel like something matters, it does. That translates to life as well. Just because you don’t have the money to travel all over the world doesn’t mean you can’t find adventure. Just because you have no time doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and de-stress a little. And most importantly, just because you don’t feel like you’re worth it, doesn’t mean that you aren’t.

My little mountain taught me many things this week, to which I am very thankful for.


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